Flex Pulse G2 – Dr. Pawluk

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From Dr. Pawluk…

The FlexPulse G2 is a battery powered local system.

This system has 10 preset programs, each producing a different frequency. Program 1 produces 3 Hz, program 2 produces 7.8 Hz, program 3 produces 10 Hz, program 4 produces 14 Hz, program 5 produces 23 Hz, program 6 produces 40 Hz, program 7 produces 50 Hz, program 8 produces 60 Hz, program 9 produces 10 Hz and 100 Hz, and program 10 produces 999 Hz. Each program is intended to help with a different condition.The maximum intensity of the FlexPulse is 200 gauss (20,000 microTesla), though it varies from program to program. If two treatment coils are used simultaneously, the intensity is split evenly between the coils. Intensity can be adjusted from level 1 to 10.

Treatment times are set manually, from 10 minutes to 60 minutes in 10 minute increments, then a 2 hr., 4 hr. and 6 hr. timer setting option. Continuous treatment may also be selected, in which case the system will run until the unit is turned off or the battery dies.

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