Are you hearing about Mineral Analysis AND WONDERING HOW IT CAN HELP YOUR CLIENTS?

Are you looking to get to the root cause of health problems FOR YOUR CLIENTS AND BRING REAL RESULTS?

Are you a HEALTH PRACTITIONER that would like to add HTMA testing into YOUr practice?

Have you heard of HTMA
(Hair Mineral Analysis)?

Wondering if it is the real deal?

It is the flagship test for me and how I took my own health from complete burn-out to World Champion!  I have helped clients streamline nutrition, customize supplements, gain energy, erase debilitating symptoms and regain focus!!  This tool will bring real results to your clients and if you’re not using it in your practice already then you should be!  Change the lives of your clients with this integral diagnostic test.  

This is invaluable to your client’s ability to recover and support their overall health.  Many times the test will tell us if there are potential problems months or years before imbalances will show up on a blood serum test.

Hair Mineral Analysis Ottawa

hosted by kendra perry

  • 6 online training modules - to review course syllabus click the link below.
  • Real case studies to help you master your craft.
  • Transcripts and cheatsheets for every module.
  • 90-day access to bi-weekly LIVE Q&A calls with HTMA Expert coaches.
  • 90-Day access to our HTMA Practitioner Facebook community - Watch our monthly case review calls and masterclass to advance your expertise.

When you complete this course you will understand the macro and secondary minerals, oxidation rates, primary mineral patterns, significant ratios and the critical interrelationships between the minerals and how they affect one another.  You will gain knowledge about potential toxicities, deficiencies, intelligent nutritional programming, and effective detox all based on results.

Not only that you will have access to Trace Elements Lab and VYKON customized supplements, you can make the protocols for your clients easy to use which increases client adherence and most of all RESULTS!


Mineral Mastery Course

mineral mastery COURSE
hosted by rick fischer

Mineral Mastery takes you beyond the conventional idea of what constitutes “nutrition”, and beyond the mainstream ‘reactive’ approach to health. Even amongst those who “eat healthy”, many continue to struggle with issues around fatigue / exhaustion, digestion, blood pressure issues, brain fog, hypothyroid, depression & numerous other symptoms. Standard test results often come back ‘normal’, a pharmaceutical might be prescribed to conceal the symptom, and the underlying root cause is left a mystery and unaddressed.  In many cases, answers exist, right in front of us…in the delicate balance of the body’s mineral system!  

Regardless of what a blood test shows, and regardless of how healthy one eats, every single person is walking around with mineral imbalances. These imbalances, today, or down the road, manifest as aging, symptoms and compromised health.

Understanding this connection is vital to supporting health, and should be a key consideration in any nutritional program design.  To date, this knowledge has been taught and applied by only a handful of health experts, within exclusive circles. This course now brings it to the public!