Jenn Pike on Women’s Hormones – Phase 2

Jenn Pike

~~By Jenn Pike, Women’s Hormone Expert

Phase #2: Ovulation

Ovulation is the shortest phase in your monthly cycle, typically 2-4 days long. This is when the dominant follicle bursts open and releases an egg into the fallopian tube, where it survives for up to 24 hours. If there’s a sperm waiting to fertilize it, it’s possible to conceive and become pregnant.

Very cool fact here; your cervical mucus actually contains channels within it that sperm to swim up to find the egg. Ladies, your brilliant egg wisdom works to select what it perceives to be the best quality sperm for possible fertilization. Your egg wisdom is BRILLIANT and this is why taking care of your health is so important. Your eggs are depending on it.

During this time of ovulation, your estrogen levels are still elevated, so you feel sexy, confident and energized. Your body is primed to be seeking a mate, pleasure or joy if that’s what you crave

Some great foods for supporting ovulation include:
* Quinoa
* Dark leafy greens
* Tomato
* Spinach
* Eggplant
* Squash
* Raspberries and strawberries
* Figs
* Almonds and pecans
* Salmon
* Tuna
* Avocado
* Brazil nuts

This is also a time when you would stay on your flax and/or pumpkin seeds as I wrote about in second post of this series, so scroll back a bit to see what I mean.

Making your health a priority is important on many levels but as a women it’s vital to help ensure you have healthy, regular ovulation each month. Without it, you don’t produce progesterone which is our “calming rest and digest, do the inside work hormone” and if it’s low or obsolete you will feel it! Mood swings, anxiety, irregular cycles, hair loss, headaches, low sex drive, weight gain and estrogen dominant symptoms increasing.

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