John Bumpus – Mineral Balancing and “BRET”

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In this episode I am joined by John Bumpus, founder of, a hub for HTMA information.  John is a Reg’d Natural Medicine Practitioner, has a Bachelor’s in Holistic Health Science and is currently doing a combined Master’s Doctorate degree in Natural Medicine.  Listen while we talk about the “Inner Physician”, Triage Theory and the Biological Replacement of Elements Theory and how they may impact your health!

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Lisa Pitel-Killah founder of LPK HP Group is a Hair Mineral Analysis Expert and Educator, Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and Kettlebell World Champion.  Lisa’s animal study includes Holistic Carnivore and Equine Nutritionist and advanced Animal HTMA.  LPK HP uses HTMA testing to guide people and animals to better health, performance and longevity.