Kettlebell EDUCATION

Are you a personal trainer looking to learn more about kettlebells?

Are you a gym owner or manager looking to get your trainers certified to coach kettlebells?

Do you want to learn how kettlebell training can help retain clientele?

Kettlebell Classes Ottawa Workshops

The United Kettlebell Academy is the leader in kettlebell WORKSHOPS & cERTIFICATIONS

  • Designed for small class sizes and shorter class hours for busy people
  • Our focus is on kettlebell fundamentals with instrumental coaching cues
  • We go in-depth with regards to common injuries and errors
  • We host workshops & certifications at CrossFit Bytown (Ottawa), as well as in-house for gyms around the world

Co-founded by Lisa Pitel-Killah, multi-time World Champion and backed by years of experience.  What are you waiting for?