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Lisa: I’m a Hair Mineral Analysis Expert. I have a background in Functional Medicine and I educate people using HTMA testing to maximize health, erase debilitating symptoms and gain energy. I’m a multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion and I’m constantly searching for high performance pros from all over the world, to bring you this Human Optimization podcast. My name is Lisa Pitel-Killah. Welcome everybody to a brand new episode of the Human Optimization podcast. I am so excited to have you with us today either listening or watching. I have Linda Babulic with us today, author of Zest Your Life, one of my favorite books and I’m so excited she decided to join us today. Unlike many who focus on life, coaching or business coaching only, Linda builds both through values, assessments and compelling training. If you’re a business professional, struggling with no impact, no influence, no income and no freedom, she can help. She helps business professionals expand and increase business growth by discovering and making the most of their skills and talents; so they get more income and more freedom. Welcome, Linda.

Linda Babulic: Thank you so much.

Lisa: Yeah, that is pretty incredible. I love it. Life and business because how are they separate? They have to be one, right?

Linda Babulic: Yup. Hand in glove. Because if you have your life all going great and your business is going down, that’s no good. And then it’s the other way too. If you have your business is just rolling and the costs were everything else. And we’ve seen so many, especially women, that that happens too. They end up losing everything that they valued because they were building their business; and the rest of it fell apart. There’s no reason why we can’t have both. There are also many, many women and men who have both.

Lisa: Absolutely. And we can’t wait to hear about that today. So, burning question for me is what brought you into coaching, you know, mentoring individuals to put them on a better path. What led you there to start doing this?

Linda Babulic: Well, I think that if you do my personality analysis, I was always one that liked to help people. I always wanted to be of service, but I didn’t quite know how to work that out. And as some things happen, it just, I fell into the right thing at the right time, the right place and I’ve got a resume a mile long. So I have run a court reporting firm. I worked for the Honorable Kim Campbell for a while; I put a conference together for her and they were just, all kinds of different pieces that came together. My very first training experience was when I provided training for Boy Scouts of Canada.

Lisa: Oh, you’re kidding.

Linda Babulic: Something not very many people know about me, that I was a Boy Scout leader and did they’re training programs for them. So that was the training part. And then, I got into a niche market to the auto parts suppliers to Honda. This was about 20 years ago, and I provided them with a program that I still have called The Fundamentals of Leadership and hundreds of their entry-level supervisors went through this training program, and after class people will hold me behind and they would ask me questions and some of them became my one on one clients and that’s how I started doing the one on one coaching.

Lisa: Got it, got it. Well, that’s incredible and wow, so many different things you’ve accomplished and helped leaders grow and figure out who they are and where they’re going; and where they need to be and that’s pretty incredible. So tell me, the personal journey. Most of us have a personal journey that sparks the path of where we are now. Tell me about yours.

Linda Babulic: Okay. I had signed up or going to college after high school, but that didn’t work out. My mom was sick and passed away, so it just wasn’t going to happen. It was the summer right after I graduated from high school, so I had to go to work. I found different jobs and the one thing I did not want to do after high school was to be a secretary. And here I was, yes, a secretary. And then, I got married, I had various jobs, I worked for different corporations; but I had the opportunity to go back to University and have a dream fulfilled and I’d been taking night courses, but I finished my degree as an adult. And, that set me on a whole new trajectory of having more confidence to be able to really follow those dreams. So the first job out of that was I became a travel agent.

Lisa: Oh, fun.

Linda Babulic: I am very good at planning trips, we have great vacations and that really helped me to provide people with a high level of service, because I’m very service oriented. You know, my vision, my mission is to be of service in love and beauty; and those are my initials. I saw that in a vision quest.

Lisa: Oh. Wow.

Linda Babulic: LSB, service of love and beauty. I love it. Wow. Yeah. I love that thought. It guides everything that I do. Yeah. Because if that doesn’t align then I can’t do it.

Lisa: Then you can’t do it. It just doesn’t fit with what you, with what you are, what you believe in. That’s incredible. Huh. Wow. So, I mean, so I have your book right here.

Linda Babulic: Thank you.

Lisa: Right? That’s the day I met you; I bought your book. I’m like, you wrote a book. I want to read it. Where is it? Do you have copies? So tell us about it.

Linda Babulic: Yes I always have a copy of my book.

Lisa: Oh, of course you do. If, I wrote a book. I definitely would too. So tell us about it.

Linda Babulic: Okay. That’s an interesting journey because it’s one of those things, you know, we should never dismiss a piece of a conversation that you hear or somebody, that says something to you. It’s significant. And I was at a women’s centered circle and one of the the women, I said something; gave an opinion, and she said, you know what, if you did workshops on that, I would come.

Lisa: Oh really?

Linda Babulic: So I’ve put together a series of workshops. Now. Turns out she never came, but very successful workshops. I did that. I ran those series twice re-wrote. And then third time around I rewrote it as a manuscript. And really that’s what became the book. That’s, those four sections were pretty much the four workshops that I gave. And what I loved about it was I saw women change and transform it right before my eyes.

Lisa: Wow.

Linda Babulic: And I tell a couple of stories about that as you know in the book.

Lisa: Yeah, absolutely incredible and what a great read. I loved going through it. It was so amazing. I could totally see how people would like, you must be in awe, because I know for myself, and my own clients, I’m always in awe of the things that they go through and watching them change. That’s such an incredible journey to be with them and be able to, to help them get through that and be able to achieve more and be more and get everything that they want.

Linda Babulic: I had a wonderful note today from a writer in France that I’ve connected with she found me online, she’s read my book, she watches almost all of my Facebook lives and she said I could write pages and pages about how much you’ve done for me and my personal development of life.

Lisa: Oh, incredible.

Linda Babulic: That makes it all worth it.

Lisa: That is what makes it all worth it. It’s the clients and the people that you meet, the people that you help and that totally makes it all worthwhile. Absolutely. So tell me a little bit about the workshops coming together as a manuscript and now in the book. So tell us about what’s in there. Give us a little sneak peak about those four sections.

Linda Babulic: So in the book and I’m proud to tell you that it’s endorsed by Dr. Joe Vitale of the Secret, that was pretty nice and Marcia Wieder, who’s the CEO of Duke University, and I’m a certified dream coach by Marsha too. She’s an absolute sweetheart. She’s been on Oprah like six times. And she’s worked with presidents all over, you know, in the U.S. She was coached to, I think, Jack can feel like this is a heavy hitter.

Lisa: Yes.

Linda Babulic: And just a fabulous person. And she adores my book, she is so sweet. And so what it’s about is the four workshops were: Emotional Zest, Mind Body Zest, Spiritual Zest and Live your zest. So that’s pretty much what it all came down to, because for me, your zest comes from your emotions because we’ve all heard it. We all know it’s true. There’s so much research that supports it now that our thoughts are fed by our beliefs. So we have our beliefs and well, I start even before that, I start with the language. So when I’m working with the client, I can tell by their language, their language will tell me their beliefs. The beliefs will give me their thoughts and their thoughts, then show me their actions in the behaviours. So if you want to change the action and behaviours, you can start right off with the language. I mean, we’ve all heard the negative talk, “Oh, I stubbed my foot, so now, that’s it, I’m going to have three things bad happened to me today”.

Lisa: Right.

Linda Babulic: It makes no sense. So once you start changing all those negative beliefs and just flipping the switch over and I show you how to do that, I call that emotional maturity. So you’re not looking at things through the eyes of the first time that happened to you because it didn’t happen just once. So if something traumatic happened to you when you were sick, even if you don’t realize it’s traumatic, it will come up again and again and again. But if we now look at that incident and I talk about that too in the book, and you look at the incident from the maturity you have now, you go, “Oh, that’s why”, as one of my clients, she was left in the hospital when she was four years old and she thought she was abandoned by her parents. So when her son was leaving for University, she had all of those abandonment feelings again. When, we worked it through from the adult point of view, she realized her parents had four or five kids at home. They had to go back to the farm. The cows needed milking, the chickens needed feeding. And it was the best they could do was to leave her in the hospital care. And once she realized that, she realized, hey, my son’s not abandoning me. I said, you raised him so well. He’s going off to university and all that just got dismantled. It’s quite a thing of view when you could see it just unhook all that pain, all the trauma just falls right away. I love it.

Lisa: That is incredible. What a great story. And think of that like, cause sometimes we do, you know, we think about things but sometimes we have to think about them from the other perspective. And this happens a lot when obviously we’re interacting with others and you know, it’s like the walk a mile in my shoes kind of thing. Right? Where we might not know what’s happening behind or within their world. We’re always relating it to us and how we felt about it, but not really understanding the other side of the picture, so that’s a pretty big breakthrough.

Linda Babulic: That’s why we hire coaches so we can get somebody else’s perspective. I mean, I work with coaches and they go, how about this? And I go, I never thought of that. I do sometimes well thing, it’s like, why didn’t I think of that?

Lisa: It’s like I should’ve thought about that, but….

Linda Babulic: But, I didn’t. And now I have a new perspective and a new way of looking at it, and a new way of doing it.

Lisa: So tell me the best way someone can use your book to change their life.

Linda Babulic: Well, they can purchase the book, which is always nice and you’re a link at the end, so, so that people can get the soft copy from Amazon.

Lisa: Amazing.

Linda Babulic: If you’re here in Ottawa, just connect with me and we’ll find a way to get to you. So the way the book is laid out, wherever you see a box it’s an exercise. And to make it really easy because people got stuck on exercise, number one is who has your power? And in order to move them beyond that, I did a series of webinars. So I did eight webinars that are on my website. So you get the book, you print off your workbook and then you can, I’ll actually walk you through every question. Plus you have the input of other people that were on the webinar. Now, not all of them have people on them because they got so personal. So I had to rerecord it, so that I could mention people and what they’d said, but I didn’t want them to be divulging.

Lisa: Right, right.

Linda Babulic: They shared openly, they didn’t mean to but they felt comfortable enough that they shared. So we’ve walked through all of the exercises; It’s a series of eight videos. That’s the best way, if you want the most out of it, or you can do like my yoga teacher who has read it at least three times; as the last time I talked to her. And I have a friend that every Christmas; I think she gets the Facebook memory that reminds her of her sitting by fire in her leggings and her big heavy socks and a copy of my book. She rereads it every Christmas.

Lisa: Every Christmas!! Wow. I do think it is one of those books you do want to reread.

Linda Babulic: Many couples have read it together.

Lisa: Yeah, and I can see that and I think it’s definitely something that you, you want to revisit because we forget. We get busy and caught up in life and different things and you just want to reread it to make sure that you’re on the track that you want to be on. I think that’s really important. Yeah. Good. Uh,why do you think this book came to light for you?

Linda Babulic: Well, I think there was a need out there for it. There was two needs. There’s always the needs of the people that read it and they get the most out of it. But I think there was a lot of it in there that needed to come out of me.

Lisa: Right.

Linda Babulic: I think that’s why 85% of the population in the U.S. and I imagine it’s not much different in Canada want to write a book.

Lisa: Yeah.

Linda Babulic: It’s because we want to express ourselves. We want to pull something out of there. And I’ll tell you that book was not written without tears. Yeah. Because as soon as you’re trying to write about something, we talked about this before we got on air, you know, it comes up. So I was writing about barriers to Zest because there’s always barriers in each section. And it was like nobody yells at me, nobody had yelled at me. And then two weeks I had like people this close to my face like ripping me apart, and I’m going, wow, that’s interesting. And then I could write about it a little bit more and go okay, that’s how you keep your cool. You don’t push back. You do this, you do this, you do this, this is how you deal. So it was really interesting how it really needed me to rip myself open to let go the armor, to let go the pretense and be just let it all come out authentically as I could. Cause I couldn’t hold back.

Lisa: Well and that’s good though because you know that’s not easy to do, right? Because some of this stuff that you’re putting out, that’s hard work and that’s a lot of emotion you’re dealing with and a lot of growing that you’re doing at that time too. So, ou know, that’s really a tough, tough thing to do. So that’s pretty incredible that, that’s exactly what came out of you. And then this is what we got from it and something that we’ll be using forever. So tell us about you had a retreat. I feel like it was, oh my gosh, it seemed like yesterday, but I feel like it probably wasn’t.

Linda Babulic: It was in January.

Lisa: Right? I’m like, I feel like it was yesterday.

Linda Babulic: It was called You Are The Zest.

Lisa: Sorry, say that one more time.

Linda Babulic: It was called, you are the zest. It was a retreat for women, a weekend retreat in a mansion.

Lisa: Yeah. So tell us about that. Tell, tell us what happened. Tell us what you saw.

Linda Babulic: What I did was, remember the workshops I started with before the book, basically, that’s what I did. It pulled together the workshops that I thought the women would want the most, and the meditation and everything. And that’s what we did for two days. So they brought their journals, I did some teaching and a lot of the material, you know, the book’s only 60,000 words, so I couldn’t everything in there. So it was filling in those blanks of the pieces that they didn’t have in the book and to be able to experience it. And it was really about sharing. There was some heartfelt sharing that went on and it was really nice that all of the women that were there have all remained friends. Yep. They’re all still very connected.

Lisa: Wow. That is an amazing event just in itself. Cause you know, when we’re older, you know, when your kids, it’s so easy to make friends and when you’re older, it’s so tough, you know, cause we can’t just walk up to somebody and say, “Hey, who are you, do you want to be my friend?” It’s a little different when you’re older; and to meet people who have the same growth mindset, right. I think that’s something where you have to have that type of mindset, um, and be in that same kind of a circle. I think that’s pretty amazing. Wow. Wow. So tell us what’s next?

Linda Babulic: Well, I’ve been doing Facebook LIVE every day at three o’clock, and I’m going to be launching a program. This is one of the prelaunch pieces. So you’re the first to know that at the end of September I’m going to be opening a cart for what I call Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques.

Lisa: Love it.

Linda Babulic: Because you know, that’s the, their so emotional. You go to talk to somebody, you’re afraid, you’re not afraid, you don’t know what to say. You don’t know what to do. And we read the body language the wrong way. So that’s what we’re going to be talking about is how to have Juicy Effective Conversations, wherever you are and whatever your intent is for the conversation. Doesn’t even have to have a big meeting.

Lisa: Yep.

Linda Babulic: Just try to bing little better stuff going on in the world than what we’ve got.

Lisa: Yeah, absolutely.

Linda Babulic: And so that’s what the videos have been talking about here.

Lisa: Yes. And so I want to just review that, for the video. So we’re videos everyday, 3:00 PM Eastern and Facebook handle. Do you want to spell that out for people who are not?

Linda Babulic: You can find it on my personal website, but my personal Facebook page, but that has a lot of other stuff in there. So the best way to see all the videos in one place, plus you get some beautiful free gifts is to go to my group and join my group. It’s called Zest Your Life, Zest Your Business.

Lisa: I love it. I love it. So Zest Your Life, Zest Your Business on Facebook. So that’s great. And live every day at three with some amazing information. So effective conversations. Let’s talk about that because we’re now in a society where we’re not, we’re having a lot of conversations like this, right? So for those can’t see me, I’m texting, or I’m emailing, and that’s, that’s not easy, right? I find face to face now for especially young individuals isn’t as easy as it used to be or as common. So how do you find that affects all? Like you know, with what you’re doing?

Linda Babulic: Well certainly that was the topic today. I’m busting myths this week, so, okay that was that. It doesn’t matter. But you know, that’s the thing. It does matter how you write a text, how you phrase it, you know, do you say thank you? Do you show gratitude in your text and you just bomb off the very first thing that comes to your mind, copy and paste it from somebody else. Yeah. So that’s the important thing about conversations is to note they are important and that whole well whatever. I don’t care. I was talking to friend who has a 12 year old daughter and I have a 12 year old granddaughter, she’s almost 12 and it’s those one word conversations. She goes, I know, she gets all funny about it. But it’s true. You know, we need to, if we’re good at verbal conversations, face to face conversations, then we will be much better at the written conversation because people don’t know the techniques. They go to a networking event. And if they’ve spent all their time texting and on their computer, they don’t even know how to shake hands. I did a session for the business women at Carleton University. They were going to a big event at Harvard and I showed them how to shake hands, how to look somebody in the face. And that’s part of the training that I had a little while ago called Powerful First Impression. Cause that’s part of the conversation, even before you open your mouth, you’ve made an impression.

Lisa: Yeah.

Linda Babulic: So that was step one was powerful first impressions and the next piece is to be able to have effective conversations.

Lisa: Yeah. And so very important. Like when we talk about leaders, you know, human optimization is about so many different things, right? I focus on health, it focused on fitness. We talk about leadership, we talk about focus. But you know, when we look at leaders in the business world or entrepreneurs, we really do have to focus on all of those things, know how to do all of those things. Because if you think about it, so I mean, you know this better than I, but I feel like, you know, when we meet someone, you literally have probably, 5 seconds…..

Linda Babulic: Okay, let’s go back. Remember what I said about, I’m just going to interrupt you to give you total moment here. You know what I said about your language tells me your thoughts and your beliefs. You just said to me, “you know this better than I do”, but I don’t be Lisa. You know this as well as I do and in your area of expertise maybe, you know better.

Lisa: I don’t know about that.

Linda Babulic: Change that language. You’re the expert.

Lisa: I love that. That’s great.

Linda Babulic: Okay, so you were saying

Lisa: First impressions, how long? I feel like it’s about five seconds, if you walk up to me. I feel like in about five seconds I have made my impression and I never, my mom always said, don’t judge a book by its cover, but covers sometimes don’t lie. I don’t know. Like I just feel like, well, part of it.

Linda Babulic: I talk about it in my book because, I think the author’s name is John Donahue that I quote, because we’ve been taught in our society that our soul is inside our body. But his theory, and I adhere to this, our soul is actually on the outside of our bodies. So when you first meet someone, it’s their soul that you meet and you will either be rejected or you’ll be warmed by it. And you’ve met people that you just want to, Oh my God, I just want to give you a hug right now. Like be my friend, be my friend.

Linda Babulic: Yeah.

Linda Babulic: Don’t come near me. So I think that’s what it is. You’re feeling somebody’s energy. From across the room. We’ve all seen it happen. You see somebody walking down the street and you can tell, you know, if they’re walking, okay. If they’re having a good day or I was walking through the market the other day and there was this woman, I could feel her pain from 20 feet away. And as she crossed me, sure enough, she looked like she’d been crying. So it’s, you know, you can feel that energy, that powerful first impression starts way off and we need to be able to do it on video, we need to be able to do it face to face and we need to be able to do it in our text messages also, to shows that we care

Lisa: It’s true and I think part of it is just that speed. Everything we do is so fast, right? Um, we have to get this done and this done and we have a to do list that’s this long. And it’s like, Oh my gosh, I’ll never get through that even in two days and everything’s so quick. So we lose that, I want to say the human aspect of things, right? The aspect where we just respect one another and realize that we’re all busy. But you know, it’s nice to take a few seconds once in a while to say, Hey, how are you? You know, and how are you doing? And you know, when’s the last time someone up and said that and really meant it and really wanted to hear the answer. Um, I think that’s the part that people forget sometimes.

Linda Babulic: I did that in a networking a few weeks ago. I’ve met up with someone, I hadn’t seen her in about six months. And I said, how are you? She says oh good, but I’m feeling all the visit. It’s not good. She got big tears in her eyes. She says, only you would do that to me. And I said, yeah, we’re going to have to get together. There’s something going on in there. And she was, she was still going, I think through a lot of hardship. So you can certainly see that. The other thing that I’ve noticed, you can catch yourself, like you get to the counter and they say, well, can I get you okay? I’ll have a large latte, mocha, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then I go, Oh, and good morning. Like I’ll do my order first because raised as a good Canadian, we’re polite. So I answer the question and then I said, good morning after.

Lisa: Yeah.

Linda Babulic: And they’re always startled. It’s so much fun.

Lisa: Well, because they’re not expecting it. They’re like actually I’m really good. Like that’s what I’m saying. It’s true though. And, and so that brings me back to you know, part of that whole, holistic part of us is the energy, right? It”s our spiritual side and how that all interacts. And I think, you know, this is something that, that we can talk about just because, it’s so important, right? And it’s all part of what you bring into your workshops and talk about it in your book and all that. So, you know, let’s explain a little bit more or tell me about your passion of how that all goes together for you.

Linda Babulic: Well, and it’s, for me, it’s more dealing with women. And I’m going to be expanding that. I’ll probably launch something in January where I’m headed more that way because there seems to be a lot of interest in the surveys I’ve done and what I’m finding is that we’ve tended to contract and it’s not just women. I think men also, we’ve contracted our energy, we built ourselves a nice little protective bubble and sometimes we put the bricks, sometimes we put steel belts in there I think shifts more. No coat of armor. Yeah, a little helmet. Have the stern face contracted or energy. We put ourselves behind a wall to protect ourselves and it’s time we took the chisel out and we got rid of that and de-arm ourselves, to be able to expand our spirit and our souls because I think we owe it to the world. I am convinced that we all have gifts. Me, you, everybody who’s listening to this podcast and watching us, we all have gifts to give to the world and we want to give them, so why are we hoarding? It’s wrong. We’re doing a disservice to the world by hoarding our gifts. We all hold knowledge, gifts, a smile, a handshake, a nod of the head, we all can share that and we can share it with anybody at anytime. So I think that’s our part in the world. Our next evolution is to continue. Even if we started expansion, we need to continue to expand and to expand and to expand out into the world. Because I think we are at a tipping point, but we need to have that critical mass of people that are more evolved, that are more expanded. Boom. Then the whole world would change. That’s what I mean.

Lisa: Well, and I love that. And you know, I think part of that, and, and maybe all of it is fear.

Linda Babulic: Well, absolutely,

Lisa: They’re scared to take the armor off and they’re like, Oh my gosh, if I take the armor off, someone’s going to, you know, someone’s going to say something that I’m not going to like. And I mean, that does happen, right? That’s part of life and what have you. But yeah, it’s, it’s getting rid of that fear and knowing that whatever you do, just do it, right. Stop being scared and try and face that fear and try and move forward with no fear and just whatever happens happens because you’re still fine.

Linda Babulic: Absolutely. There’s only two emotions: fear and love, and they can’t, they can’t play nice together.

Lisa: No.

Linda Babulic: They don’t play nice together. So when you’re in fear can be operating in love. So as soon as you feel that fear coming into your heart, the quickest way to change it is just think of something that warms your heart. You know, if it’s your kitten, your puppy, your kids, your partner, whatever it is; a beautiful sunset, a sunrise, a warm bed. Whatever it is, just think of something that puts you in that place of warmth and love and all of a sudden you’re not scared anymore. You’re not afraid. You’re safe. You’re all good.

Lisa: Yeah. That’s really good advice. And for those of you watching on YouTube, this is who takes my fear away.

Linda Babulic: And you know, that’s very true because spiritiually dogs absorb negative energy.

Lisa: They do. And he’s so smart. He definitely; he’s been on the podcast once before, but he sits on my lap while I record. He’s such a good dog, but he takes my fear away for sure because he definitely opens up my love side and emotions.

Linda Babulic: My dog sat inside the well of my desk, where I put my feet and he was a 70 pound Labrador Retriever and he would just curl up on my feet while I wrote my book, Thunder sat my feet.

Lisa: Oh wow. And probably some inspiration there too, right?

Linda Babulic: Yeah. And when I ran out then we would just take a walk down the country mile to get to a mailbox and yeah, he was good.

Lisa: Yeah. Excellent. Oh that’s good. So yeah, so I just want everyone to think about kind of what we talked about today just with regards to not forgetting about that emotional side that we all have, that a lot of us shut down. And you know, out of a lot of fear for what other people might think and you know, what, stop thinking about what other people think just and focus on that love. Cause Linda, you’re right. If you focus on that, the rest doesn’t matter. Right? It’s, you’re not scared anymore. And I mean, I’m so excited for what’s coming up for you. I think that, you know, just with regards to having that, that area where where you can feel safe and share and open up that spiritual energy side. I think that is so necessary. We need to tap back into that need, to kind of get back into, what we’re really all about. And I’m super excited for what’s coming down with everything going on with you.

Linda Babulic: It’s good. It’s all good fun, it’s very zesty. It’s fun to Zest Your Life, Zest Your Business and it has to be together.

Lisa: And you’re right. And that’s one of the, you know, when you say that has to be together cause you’re right, so many people end up sacrificing one for the other or vice versa, but you don’t have to. There is a way to do it all and be happy on both fronts and I’m so happy that you’ve been able to bring that to light in a book that people can use. Follow, follow the webinars. I think that’s incredible and something that everyone should look into. So let’s get into contact info because we need to make sure people know how to find you. So website, Facebook, so we”ll talk about that again, though I am going to let you walk through that. And if you’re watching on YouTube, this will come up at the end of the slide so that you actually can write down the information. But if you’re listening on iTunes, Spotify or some other podcast domain, then we want to make sure that you know exactly where you can connect with Linda.

Linda Babulic: Well you can find me on YouTube, I have a YouTube channel. Some of the videos are olds so the pretty funny cause if you go way back. But you can find me there, just go into YouTube and search, Linda Babulic, you’ll see me on stage telling a really funny story about the time Santa called me naughty.

Lisa: I haven’t seen that one, I know what I’m on doing tonight.

Linda Babulic: Yeah, yeah. I’ve been called naughty by Santa. That’s not good. And so some of those and a lot of the ones that I’ve been doing on Facebook, I’ve popped them into my YouTube channel, not all of them. And certainly you can find me on YouTube. You can find me on my website, which is LindaBabulic.com. I’m on Instagram, Linda Babulic, I’m keeping it simple. My book can be found on Amazon or Chapters online for the soft copy. You can order the hard copies if you want too also if you really want to have it in your hand, cause the cover does feel nice.

Lisa: It feels fabulous, nice and soft. But yes, you definitely want to grab a copy of this. So make sure you either go on Amazon or some of the other forums where you can get that. Or again, if you’re in Ottawa, you can reach out to Linda and get a copy straight from her.

Linda Babulic: If you’re interested in getting a group together, I’m more than happy to, you know, gather if six of you are reading the book I’m happy to gather with you through a Zoom call into your book club or to come and see you. If you’re close by within a reasonable drive. I can get into my little orange Volkswagen Beetle.

Lisa: I love it. What a great offer and yes.

Linda Babulic: I’m all over.

Lisa: I love it. Take advantage of it Linda is absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to get involved and see what’s coming down for the end of September and January. I definitely want to be involved with that cause I know I will learn a lot for sure.

Linda Babulic: I have a special gift for your listeners and it’s a meditation. It’s a relationship Lake Meditation you can drop me an linda@lindababulic.com and I’ll send you the link or it’s also in my Facebook group and I did post it on LinkedIn. I’m also on LinkedIn. So you could get this free meditation that will walk you through relationships. It’s me. It’s the one that’s in the book.

Lisa: Yes.

Linda Babulic: Everybody loves that one.

Lisa: Okay, excellent.

Linda Babulic: You can unravel relationships from the past. Even those people that have been long dead. You can fix that up for yourself and this meditation will help you do that. So that’s my free gift. My appreciation for you having me. I’ll send you the link Lisa so that you can download it for yourself and you can send it out to fans.

Lisa: I will definitely share it. Yeah, so anybody who is listening or watching, make sure you take advantage of that. That is wonderful. Thank you so much for that offer Linda, and I know that people will enjoy that and the growth that they’ll get from that.

Linda Babulic: Thank you so much.

Lisa: Well that is it for us today. Thank you for watching if you’re on YouTube or listening, if you’re on your favorite podcast host and we will see you next time for another episode of the Human Optimization podcast. Thanks for listening to today’s show. Head on over to Killah.org to gain access to some amazing resources that will help you gain energy, rid yourself of debilitating symptoms, and be the best version of you. Remember to give this podcast a like and follow me on Instagram @coach.killah. I’m here every two weeks with a brand new episode of Human Optimization podcast. Until next time……

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Lisa Pitel-Killah founder of Vykon Health, is a Hair Mineral Analysis Expert and Educator, Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and Kettlebell World Champion.  Lisa’s animal study includes Holistic Carnivore and Equine Nutritionist and advanced Animal HTMA.  Vykon Health uses HTMA testing to guide people and animals to better health, performance and longevity.