Healthy fats and descriptions Masterclass

Lisa Pitel-Killah Health & Performance

From Udo Erasmus..

“With this masterclass you’ll know how to get, store and use oils that support your health, and taste for yourself the noticeable benefits that the ‘oil change’ that your body needs can bring. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how something so simple can make such a profound difference.

However, oils are not alone in improving your energy and vitality, so the book and masterclass goes into other topics of nutrition as well. It exposes some of the lies told in the crowded marketplace to fool you into making choices that are bad for you. It touches on the politics and history of oil and food industries. It contains lots of real-life stories to entertain you. 

Finally, it brings into view all aspects of nature and your nature that, given their due, lead you into a sound and more abundant life.”

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