Lisa Pitel-Killah Health & Performance

An entire world of nutrition and health exists outside of what is conventionally taught and promoted.  Even amongst those who “eat healthy”, many continue to struggle with issues around fatigue / exhaustion, digestion, blood pressure issues, brain fog, depression & other mental health conditions, or any number of other symptoms. Standard test results often come back ‘normal’, a pharmaceutical might be prescribed to conceal the symptom, and yet the underlying root cause is left a mystery and unaddressed. 

In many cases, answers exist, right in front of us…in the delicate balance of the body’s mineral system!  Regardless of what a blood test shows, and regardless of how healthy one eats, every single person is walking around with mineral imbalances. These imbalances, today, or down the road, manifest as aging,  symptoms, and compromised health.

Understanding this connection is vital to supporting health, and should be a key consideration in any nutritional program design.  To date, this knowledge has been taught and applied by only a handful of health experts, within exclusive circles.  This course now brings it to the public!