Lisa Pitel-Killah is one of the World’s Leading Experts on HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis).  She lectures on HTMA currently at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

Lisa presents on a variety of functional health topics.  She has spoken on webinars for Stress Reduction and the effects of Stress on the body as it relates to small business owners.  Lisa is also the Co-Founder of the HTMA Virtual Summit; a forum to educate the masses on HTMA and the profound effect it can have on life and longevity.

LPK Health and Performance HTMA Hair Mineral Analysis Experts

speaking topics include

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Anti-aging and longevity with mineral balance

The effects of stress on the mineral system

Copper Toxicity - the epidemic

Stress and how to become stress resilient

Thyroid malfunction and breaking the cycle

Thyroid, autoimmune and iodine therapy

Immunity and how to support it from the ground up

Osteoporosis and mineral balance

Supplements and intelligent nutritional programming

Animal mineral balance